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EXO Portofino Sea

The EXO Portofino Sea Kayak is the result of over 18 months of research, testing and development to produce a premium level kayak.

In production, the kayak goes through several moulding processes to complete it's final three-layer composition, making the Portofino a strong and rigid kayak to provide the paddler with assurance that it will keep it's shape even in very harsh conditions. The Portofino is also lightweight, meaning the kayak maintains the performance of a much more expensive composite sea kayak. There are many features and accessories to enable it's paddler to take on even the toughest of conditions; including four storage compartments of varying size for longer expeditions, a molded position in the deck for a compass and an easily moveable skeg that will automatically retreat back inside the kayak should it be paddled over shallower waters.

The Portofino was developed in collaboration with top level sea kayak guides to create the perfect balance between stability, speed and manoeuvrability. The length combined with the carefully profiled deck is designed to allow the Portofino to cover long distances at speed yet not to be pushed of course by cross winds and advanced weather conditions.


Length: 515 cm / 16' 9"

Width: 57 cm / 22,44"

External Cockpit: 86 x 47 cm / 33,86" x 18,50"

Internal Cockpit: 79 x 40 cm / 31,10" x 15,75"

Weight: 29 Kg / 63,93 lbs

Paddler Weight: 55 - 110 Kg 

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