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EXO x GUIGUI-Prod Helixir 2018

The EXO x GuiGui Prod Helixir 2018, made in a plastic version through a partnership between EXO Kayaks and GuiGui Prod. Created by established and renowned designer Guillaume Respaud and World Freestyle Kayaking Champion Quim Fontané Masó, the Helixir 2018 is the plastic version of the design that Quim Fontané selected to compete in for the San Juan Freestyle World Championships in 2017, helping him to achieve his World Championship title. This great little boat excels in a hole and is a rocket on a wave, get ready to go big!

Available in Small & Large.



Length: 170 cm 

Width: 64.5 cm 

Height: 33.5 cm

Volume: 202 Litres

Weight: 11.5 kg

Paddler Weight Range: 50 – 70 kg


Length: 179 cm / 70.47 "

Width: 67 cm / 25.60"

Height: 37 cm / 14.57"

Volume: 220 litres

Weight: 13.5 kg

Paddler Weight Range: 70 – 90 kg

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