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#SexyRexy Review - Huw Butterworth

For the past few years now, Exo Kayaks have been at the top of their game, producing amazing kayaks that allow paddlers to push their abilities, at all levels. In this review I will be focusing on their Rexy, my go- to for all rivers. I first tried the Rexy at the start of Summer 2019, and needless to say it was the best river running boat I’ve used.

Living in Oetztal, Austria, I get the chance to paddle some of the best rivers in Europe. With so many cool sections of them being on my door step, and others within an hours drive, I have the perfect opportunity to run all styles of rivers. In my opinion the Rexy was the boat of choice for all of them. Its edges turn any grade 2/ 3 run into a playpark, with every Eddie line, rock face and hole being taken advantage of. As so many kayakers have been showing this year, the Rexy will even hold its own in the high volume runs that I love to get on every day. The larger bow, whilst still maintaining its rocker, have opened up my imagination to new lines on runs such as the Wellerbrucke and Brandenburger.

This season, I took part in Czech’s Devils Race, and managed to come second in the juniors category due to the agility, speed and its ability to hold its line. Expect to see this boat on many more podiums to come!

So whether you are just hitting your local run and working on your skills in a kayak, or really trying to push yourself on bigger and harder white water, I would recommend the Exo Rexy every time!

See you on the water, Huw Butterworth.

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