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EXO Zion Creek

The new EXO Zion Creek surprises a lot, an innovative kayak that differs from all others.

From the first strokes you have the perception of speed and great manoeuvrability, it almost does not seem to feel like a Creeking kayak. The sensation is of having a superb mastery of the kayak and of being able to manage every situation as a protagonist. The sensation is particular and unique, only by trying it can you understand what has just been described.

The front "keel" can be felt, just incline the Zion to start turning, even at low speeds the response is immediate.

Jumping over the holes is really child's play, and the stability of the kayak always remains very high.

The new shape of the tail allows for a different use especially in situations where it is necessary to dip the tail to perform boofs or face particularly technical rapids.

The EXO Zion creek is longer and has more volume than the T-REX but despite this it is a leaner and more reactive kayak, a feature achieved thanks to the distribution of volume and the design of the deck.

Available in Small and Large




Length: 257cm


Width: 62.7cm


Volume: 291 litres


Paddler Weight: 55-85kg


Weight: 20kg


Length: 271cm


Width: 66cm


Volume: 340 litres


Paddler Weight: 80-110kg


Weight: 22kg

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